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How do I trade Fractional Shares?

Webull only supports trading in Fractional Shares for selected US stocks. Stocks that can be traded as Fractional Shares will have a green diamond logo indicator, which is found at the top right of the page after tapping on it.

To execute a Fractional Shares trade:

1. Tap on the stock and ensure that it can trade Fractional Shares by checking if there is a green diamond logo indicator at the top right of the page

2. Tap 'Trade'

3. Tap 'Order Type'

4. Select 'MARKET - Fractional Shares Trading Enabled'

5. Select 'Amount in Share' or 'Amount in USD'


1. Only Market Orders are supported for Fractional Shares trading

2. The minimum value and quantity of a Fractional Share trade is USD 5 and up to 2 decimal places (0.01).

3. US Fractional Shares are only tradable during US Regular Trading Hours.

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